OFFICELOVIN.COM is a blog featuring and exploring great office design and one of our personal favourites. For 2 years it collected a great selection of more than 850 offices around the world. We are having a conversation with its founder Michael Ptacek about working environment, creativity, and future of the office space.

Michael Ptacek – founder of OFFICELOVIN.COM

_Why office interiors? Isn’t office space all about work, not design?

No! : ) Nowadays people spend more and more time in a work and employers definitely realize that. So they try to make their offices as comfortable as possible so employees can feel relaxed and happy there. That’s why we see companies implementing amenities such as: ping pong tables, game zones, gyms etc. I feel like good looking offices are the new hiring tools.

_IT industry is still pioneering in office innovations. Is it all about money and resources? Is there a newcomer competitor industry?

I think you can have a beautifully designed office even without a lot of money resources. It is more about creativity and having a good taste than just having lots of money in your pocket : ) Look at the homepolish.com for example.

_Does design distract or enhance working process? It was once considered that design offices are executive ones…

I think the exact opposite :). If done right, a “sleek looking office” can be a big productivity boost.

_Will the office space disappear? When and why ; – )

They are many people who think that way however I am not one of them. “Homeofficing” will definitely be more prevalent in a near future but I don’t think a real office space will just completely disappear. Sometimes an eye-to-eye contact is just the best. Plus we as humans really like to socialize, collaborate etc : )

_What is your working place looking like?

I am huge fan on minimalist design so it is pretty simple in my case: Thonet chair for a work, Vitra Softshell Chair for a relax, Oddvald Ikea desk, Macbook Air, big LCD screen and a Magic Mouse. You won’t find anything else there : )

Thonet chair + Vitra Softshell Chair + Oddvald Ikea desk + Macbook Air,

_How does a dream office look like?

I really like Thumbtack’s San Francisco office and VSCO’s office in Oakland

VSCO office in Oakland / photo : Mariko Reed

_Who do you have to be or what do have to prove to be featured in Officelovin’?

It is simple. A technology company with a nice looking office. Every day we receive more and more office submissions either from tech companies or design firms and it is an amazing feeling to see Officelovin growing and being more and more popular in the industry.

_Who’s fastest growing country in terms of innovations in office spaces? Why’s that?

WeWork. What they have accomplished in  a such short period of time is amazing.  Each of their coworking campuses is unique in its own way and offers amenities you need to fully focus on growing your company.

WeWork Portland coworking space / photo : Tom Bender

_Are people that have never worked corporate offices happier? Or the opposite?

Some people like apples some people like oranges : -)

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